While Sloan Fine Art founder Alix Sloan is still active in the arts, she no longer mounts exhibitions under the Sloan Fine Art banner. This website serves as an archive of the gallery’s fourteen-year history and a resource for artists, collectors, and art lovers. Please feel free to reach out via our Contact page with any questions.

Gallery History:

Alix Sloan opened Sloan Fine Art, one of the founding galleries of New York’s Lower East Side arts district, in January 2008. Over the subsequent four years, the gallery mounted dozens of successful group and solo exhibitions at its 1200 square foot Rivington Street location and participated in numerous art fairs. Please feel free to explore the exhibitions section of this website to view our past exhibitions.

Sloan’s passion for problem solving and tackling new challenges led her to found SFA Projects in January 2011. SFA Projects allowed Sloan, her employees, artists and extensive network of contacts in a wide range of fields to participate in creative projects beyond the traditional scope of a gallery. SFA Projects quickly grew into a busy, full-service arts consulting agency planning and executing arts-related events, collaborating on offsite exhibitions and curatorial projects, consulting for artists, collectors and businesses and creating innovative copy and design.

At the end of 2011, facing a significant rent hike, and understanding that the art world was in a state of tremendous transition, Sloan decided to close the gallery’s Rivington Street location to explore the alternative approach of operating as a nomadic gallery. She merged Sloan Fine Art Gallery and SFA Projects into a single creative powerhouse, mounting pop-up exhibitions, participating, and working on dozens of art-related projects for another decade.  

Currently based in Los Angeles, while maintaining strong ties to New York, Alix Sloan still enjoys participating in the arts but no longer mounts exhibitions under the Sloan Fine Art banner. Her primary focus is on her own creative career writing fiction. You can visit her personal website alixsloan.com to learn more.