About My Life Studio

From pets to kids to special occasions, My Life Studio
transforms treasured memories and magical moments into original works of art


“My wife saves everything. Every drawing, every ticket stub, every single artifact that relates to our girls and our adventures. I found myself standing in front of five overflowing boxes filled with stuff, and it was at that moment that I realized: these are the raw materials to tell their story.” — Michael Malizia, My Life Studio

It all started with that portrait of his daughters and before he knew it artist Michael Malizia was flooded with requests from friends and collectors to create custom, personalized artworks for them. Malizia fell in love with the process of sharing ideas and stories with clients and transforming their beloved keepsakes and treasured moments into family heirlooms and unique gifts. Malizia opened My Life Studio offering two popular approaches to satisfy collectors’ requests for customized art.

For My Life Memories, Malizia starts with keepsakes provided by his clients (or copies of those keepsakes) such as invitations, announcements, drawings, paw prints, souvenirs, fabrics and photos. He then employs traditional mediums including encaustic, watercolors, oil and acrylic paints, as well as his signature hand-dyed silk, to create personalized works of art. Each personalized artwork is completely original, created with the client’s taste and aesthetic in mind. Pricing for standard sizes ranges from $1,500 for an 18” x 24” piece to $3,000 for a 24” x 36” piece. However, custom sizes are available and encouraged.

Shortly after opening the studio, clients began requesting a quicker, less labor-intensive option for capturing their memories. Malizia introduced My Life Moments. Created with hand cut and pulled silkscreen techniques, each moment can be recreated as one unique piece or multiple prints of the same composition. Slightly varied multiples are a unique way to commemorate and share special occasions with family and friends. Standard sizes and prices for single artworks range from 15” x 20” at $400 to 20” x 30” at $800. Custom sizes are available and pricing is adjusted accordingly for multiples of the same image.

Each My Life Memories and My Life Moments composition begins with a consultation in which Michael Malizia learns about his clients, their ideas, event, preferences and tastes. Consultations can take place in person at the My Life Studio in New Jersey or entirely via phone or email. In fact, Malizia has helped clients all over the United States transform their memories and moments into amazing art.

Michael Malizia is an accomplished fine artist whose mixed media paintings are beloved by collectors worldwide. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and featured in publications including The Huffington Post and Just Luxe Magazine. Contact Malizia directly at 973.943.6363 or mike@mylifestudioart.com or visit my www.mylifestudioart.com to view additional artwork, learn more or schedule a consultation.