2020. Our Vision. Our Voices.

Co-Curated by Alix Sloan and Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman 
With works by Jessicka Addams, Lydia Breckenridge, Kathiucia Dias, Lydia Emily, Kate Kelton,
Margaret Ouchida, Kristine Schomaker, Sally Sloan and Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman
December 9, 2020 through February 28, 2021

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In their vision for “2020: Our Vision. Our Voices.” Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman and Alix Sloan considered the idea of an all-woman group show with roots in Southern California, featuring works from nine female artists from a variety of backgrounds and at different stages of their lives, exploring issues of marginalization from their unique perspectives. These artists, working in a wide range of mediums, use their Vision (perspective/experience/artistic vision) to process and interpret their own experience in order to witness, shed light upon, and destigmatize their struggles and the struggles of others. They use their Voices (talents/platform) to speak out about, and advocate for those impacted by sexism, ageism, racism, body shaming, objectification, homophobia, abuse and/or mental illness.

“2020: Our Vision. Our Voices.” was chosen from hundreds of proposals for exhibition at the acclaimed Annenberg Community Beach House, a non-profit, city-run, organization in Santa Monica, California. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the facility has been temporarily closed. Sloan and Sullivan-Beeman decided the show must go on virtually. These artists need to be heard. In 2020, we need art, inspiration and the insight of multiple perspectives more than ever!